Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Beginning

Champions League Match Days 3pm eastern time, it's days like these that I hate being a NAFF (North American Football Fan), as Richard likes to call us.

Across the pond, over there in "The Old World" there is beautiful futebol being played (or not so beautiful, pragmatic I think they call it now) in grand and historic stadiums. Here in Toronto, I am stuck at work, I use that term losely as the Crisis, has turned this office into a morgue. A morgue with a horrible internet connection that couldn't even hope to play a stream of any of the great games being played out right now. So that leaves me here in a hole, trying to stay away from all my favourite futebol and even social media sites, trying not to find out scores that may spoil, the match I will watch tonight. Inter Vs Barça, if I am lucky enough to find a good cap of it later on tonight.

This futebol boycott, however, did give me the inspiration to finally start up a blog about this game, that I love so much, so here is the first post of as many as I can stay inspired to write. Maybe tomorrow I will do a write up on the match I watch.

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