Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barça outclass Inter

Beautiful futebol? Grand Stadiums? Is that what I was rambling on about in yesterdays post?

I have been lucky enough to have witnessed a similar spectacle to the one that Barça put together last night against Inter. On September 19th of this year I was in attendance at the Camp Nou as Barça tore into the colchoneros.

Yesterday's scoreline wasn't as emphatic as the 5-2 that I watched, but it was just as convincing. Inter never looked to be in the game, they couldn't get close enough to Barca to cause them any trouble.

It was weird to see Mourinho so "content" while his side we're so blatantly outplayed. The Special One is normally fuming from the ears when his sides are down but yesterday he seemed to know he just didn't have enough.
Yes, I am a cule but I was a bit disappointed to see my fellow countrymen (and father in-law's classmate back in Setubal) fold his cards so easily, I really thought he would have tried to bluff his way out of looking so second rate. However, the damage was done before Mourinho had come up with any counter to the free movement of Iniesta.
Iniesta was "supposed" to be situated on the right wing of Barca's 4-3-3, the fact is though, while Barca we're in possession Iniesta was pulling the strings, in #10 like positions all over the attacking 3rd typically in between the marking zones of Zanetti and Cambiasso. Iniesta's free role, left an open road for Alves to terrorize Inter down the right wing which lead to Pedro's goal, who had a pretty good game for himself as well down the left.

After yesterday's match if Iniesta and Co are in the same form on Sunday against Real, there will be a lot more noise than just the regular clapping hands at the Camp Nou Theater on Sunday, even if star actors Messi and Ibrahimovic are missing.

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